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Fatha Time Urban Advertising Agency LLC provides a variety of marketing products for residents of the Grand Rapids area. We design billboards, produce radio commercials and do voice over work. We also offer a variety of creative writing services.

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From serving our country to serving your company

Fatha Time is a Vietnam War veteran who's still committed to serving fellow Americans. Here are four reasons to consult our advertising agency in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

  1. We know how to connect with a variety of audiences.
  2. We'll discuss your ideas in-depth to learn how to best brand your company.
  3. We can help you create any type of content, from commercials to news briefs.
  4. We'll help you create an effective, cost-effective marketing strategy.
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"Getting stuff done" since 1968

Fatha Time has an associate degree with a concentration in business communication and a bachelor's in communication. He's gained tons of marketing experience from writing news articles and working in sales. As a part-time DJ, he also knows how to connect with and engage a crowd.

Fatha Time has a reputation for "getting stuff done." Whether you want to produce a radio ad or need help writing your website, count on us to provide the solution to your marketing needs. Check out our YouTube channel, #FatherTimeLLC today to learn more about the marketing products we offer in Grand Rapids, Michigan.